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There are over 12 million young people in the UK. They are the most important focus in the lives of millions of families and parents. They are tomorrow’s innovators, employees and leaders – and are already today’s consumers and influencers. Engaging with them is of critical importance to any organisation, and this is where we can help.

Since 2004, we have been supporting brands, organisations and charities to engage with millions of young people, families and educators.

We’ve seen the positive brand, social, corporate and people impacts. We’ve been pioneers in exciting organisations to embed inspirational learning approaches into their business strategies.


A single moment of inspiration can have lifelong impact. It can influence a shift in attitude or behaviour, rippling outwards to bring about positive change in an individual, a community, a business or a whole society.

Inspirational Learning is not about filling heads with knowledge; it’s about being a catalyst and lighting a fire. We harness the imagination of young people, teachers, families and employees, motivating them, exciting them, and empowering them to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes that make a positive difference to their lives and to the wider world.

Inspirational Learning is not restricted to the classroom – the spark can happen in schools, at home, with families, amongst friends, in communities, and in digital environments – but it’s always engaging, creative, memorable and impactful.

Our own passion for learning is at the heart of what we create and we never forget how important education and learning are, and the positive impact they can have. We constantly strive to innovate and excel – we know the benefits for children, families, teachers and our clients are vast. That is the power of Inspirational Learning.


A full-service, end-to-end process, from strategy to ideas and execution

We deliver impacts by harnessing our special understanding, our creativity and our unique education partnerships. We call this approach Think:Create:Deliver.

This is a full-service, end-to-end process, from strategy to ideas and execution. It’s also an attitude; a way of working which balances the importance of insight, creativity and results.

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